At FireBody Non-Surgical Lipo & Tightening, we have witnessed the astonishing results of our fat reduction and skin-tightening treatments firsthand. To learn more about our processes, read our client testimonials. Whether you are seeking cellulite reduction, tighter skin, or fat reduction, our non-invasive technology can help you. If you are experiencing saggy skin or areas where fat just won’t go away, our state-of-the-art technology could be perfect for you. Contact FireBody today to book your appointment today.
"Im loving the results I’m getting from Firebody. It’s not an overnight fix but it has been the best way I have found to get rid of and tighten unwanted fat and skin. Krystal is very friendly and certainly knows what she’s doing!"

~Patti Collier

"I feel compelled to write a review based on the fact that this has given me AMAZING results. I have had 4 children and significant weight gain during each pregnancy which left me with damaged saggy skin that would not tighten up no matter what type of excercise was involved. I had tried multiple treatments prior to coming to fire body with little or no result at all!After my 1st visit I saw a significant change and I have been back for multiple treatments since, and each time I am amazed at the continuous improvement! Ask to see my treatment pictures I’m sure they will share them with you!  The results speak for themselves!"

~Tammy Dupee

"I did half my treatments1 year ago. Huge difference. Nothing has gone back to the way it was. Excellent service n staff and results. I hope to save up and finish off my treatments. Ive had 3 children oldest 18yrs destroyed my stomach thanks to you guys took about half the damage away."

~Michelle Gillis

"I have had 5 treatments on my stomach and 3 on my butt and thighs and I am extremely happy with my results. I would recommend FireBody to anyone who is looking for results and willing to stick with the treatments for your desired results. ???"

~Tiffeny Bechard

“FIREBODY That’s right, do you want that hot body you have been dying to have again well I am here to tell you my story, I am a five foot tall woman, 55 yrs young that has a nice little round belly, so one day I said to myself, I am going to do something for me. So that is exactly what I did. I started back in the fall because we were going on a cruise in January. I had the first treatment that was very easy on my stomach, and relaxing and wow, after the first treatment I saw a difference. Then the next and the next, that’s right I wore a bikini on my cruise. Now I have had 2 treatments on my face and neck, amazingly my chicken neck is going away. I love how I am feeling and look, but most of all I love how people are noticing and say to me wow you are looking good. What a great feeling. So when are you going to start treatments, the staff is very friendly and accommodating to make your visit comfortable and relaxing.”                                                             

~Diane Ferguson

“FIREBODY is more than a service it is a life changer. The staff is super friendly and the results speak for themselves. I have had some previous treatments and I was amazed. Like most I went in skeptical, but the results are real. I have tighter, firmer,flatter skin , and even stretch mark reduction from my treatments. I never felt any pain and no down time."

~Dana Rachelle

"Jillian and FireBody Staff
        Thank- you for your incredible, effortless, painless experience that has transformed me and my life. From the welcoming, knowledgable friendly staff to the clean and safe environment. 

I first saw an ad in a local magazine just after Christmas. I thought that would be a perfect time to do "something" with my body. I called to inquire about your services. They sounded  great! Painless and permanent! HHMMMMM, how could that work? I researched other centres treatment plans but found out that they could leave numbness, redness and was not permanent. At that point I went in to FireBody and spoke with staff. You see, my only daughter is getting married and I wanted to look and feel great. I have three children that were all ten pound babies, so my adomen has stretch marks , muffin top, menopausal weight gain. UUGGGHHH, I felt this was genetics. I was sceptical but I signed on to give it a try.

After the second treatment, yes second, I noticed the bags under my eyes were significantly reduced. I am on my eighth treatment, I go weekly, I went from the second notch on my belt to the fifth! As if that wasn't enough of a transformation, let me tell you my self esteem and increased confidence has put a smile on my face once again.

A big Thank You for putting the bounce back in my step.

I finally found an effortless , effective plan that works!

I am now excited for the wedding!"


nd easy to understand as if you were talking to your customer
~Tammy Robinson